Want to get away from it all?

Then I have the perfect opportunity for you.

  1. Do you crave peace and quiet, a chance to get away from the humdrum?
  2. Do you want to meet like minded people and be able to exchange ideas?
  3. Do you have a desire to explore, to push forward the boundaries?
  4. Do you want to go to Russia?

Because this is exactly what is being offered by the European Space Agency (ESA). The ESA want to go to Mars. And before they strap a few “Euronauts” into a big rocket and fire them in the direction of the red planet they have to see if they’ll get there in one piece without killing each other first. To do this they are enlisting the help of their Russian colleagues who happen to have an isolation chamber the size of nine truck containers. Into this they’re planning to seal away twelve victims volunteers for the minimum time it would take to get to Mars, wander about a bit and come back. That’s 550 days!

The volunteers will have to deal with simulated emergencies, no contact with the outside world except “mission control”, lack of privacy, invasive medical tests and the cramped quarters. There will be no shower onboard (for roughly 17 months?), no alcohol and food will be predefined and rationed. But they will pay you €120 per day!

What would you do for 550 days? At least if you’re in space you can mess around with the weightlessness thing for a while. That’s worth at least two weeks of entertainment, especially when food is floating about. Then there are the views of planets and things that’ll take up another bit of time, say an hour or two. Before you know it you’ll be back home!? But in this experiment there’ll be no weightlessness and no planets outside. God I’d go crazy after half an hour. Can you imagine the games of Eye Spy?

Eye Spy with my little eye something beginning with S…
Eh, the sun?
No, but you’re close…
Oh I know…stars
That’s it, you got! Oh brilliant! Do you want to go again?

So if you’re between 25 and 50, stand less than 185cm tall, have a working knowledge of Russian and don’t smoke, here’s the website if you want to sign up. Good luck and rest assured, I won’t be in the tin can with you!


2 responses to “Want to get away from it all?

  1. Sign me up!!!! I heard you can bring along a couple of personal items. I’ll take along my favourite hatchet and best carving knives.

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