Expanding horizons

Next weekend we’re heading back to Ireland for a friends wedding and a trip up home. I’ve mentioned the airport here in Basel before and the options we have for flying all round Europe. For a small airport the choices are great but there is an obvious omission. Ireland. The land of forty shades of green, where leprauchauns skip merrily through the fields and drink Guinness with the local farmers in the pub. Otherwise known as home for this blogger. You can’t fly direct from Basel to Ireland. You have to go south to Zurich or north to Karlsruhe. Or else you can take your chances with a quick stop over in Heathrow.

But things are on the up (only a small pun intended!). Ryanair, the most anally retentive of all budget airlines (supposedly they were the inspiration for the Westlife song “Flying without wings”), has just announced a new route from Basel. The problem is, it’s a route to Stockholm, but still its a start! It was announced with Michael O’Leary’s usual tact and diplomacy:

Ryanair low fares in Sweden have been a tremendous success because Swedish passengers can’t stand SAS’s high fares and frequent strikes. With these new routes Ryanair will carry 2.5m passengers annually to and from Stockholm Skavsta at less than one third of SAS’s high fares. This generates a visitor spend of 5bn SEK in the region and delivers passenger savings of 3bn SEK.



Now all I have to do is get the parents to move to Stockholm and everyone will be happy!


2 responses to “Expanding horizons

  1. Wow I didn’t know that there were no direct flights. That is such a huge oversight! There is a direct flight to Lux from Dublin but the cheapest tickets are 270 euro each, not really acceptable in the time of budget flights!

  2. I have no intention of moving to stockholm. parents are always worth visiting no matter where — maybe I am a little biased — I am your parent after all!

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