Lean Green Machine

Bloody ‘eck, we have tomatoes, there’s one, and another and…

That was the call yesterday from the balcony. In our effort to be a little greener and to make the most of our balcony, we’ve got a few pots of tomato and courgette plants and have been anxiously waiting for the first sign of any sort of crop. The courgettes seemed to be on their way, but just as the veg started developing they also started withering up and going yellow? So our confidence and hope were shaken a little. Thats all changed now.

Our tomatoes had started flowering and so we were almost paying bees and random insects to come onto the balcony to “do their thing” and pollinate everything. This was a complete turn round from our aggressive defensive efforts against a few ants that have been scouting out our balcony. Anyway, I digress. For a while we weren’t sure if the “pollination magic” had happened but yesterday I noticed we’ve got a few small green tomatoes and I feel we have more on the way! It’s the little things in life that can really make your day.

I happened to be on the balcony test driving the new BBQ. I took my rightful and ancestral position at “the firepit” and got everything prepared. I started out small, a fire lighter and a small pyramid of coals delicately built over it. But, not wanting to be disappointed I decided to scrap the delicate softly softly approach and so loaded it up with charcoal and fire lighters and set it alight. Things were a little hairy for a while as the smoke was billowing up to the neighbours and I expected a knock at the door. But they said nothing, the flames died down and we got ready to grill. We made and grilled flat breads which were fantastic. They were accompanied by homemade burgers and coleslaw. Topped off with a bottle of fancy ketchup Eva had got and a glass of wine. I ate myself sily and then retired to the couch with a beer to digest. Perfect evening really!

The weekends are too short…


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