Elbow warming…

So we’re off to Ireland tomorrow for many reasons. First, I haven’t been home in ages and so the withdrawal symptoms are starting to kick in. Second its my birthday on Thursday and it’s always good to spend it at home. Better chance for presents and general pampering! The most important reason for going back however is for the wedding of two friends. But its just not any wedding, it’s an Irish wedding!

The couple went to Uni with me and we ended up doing PhDs at the same department in Dundee. Our class in Uni was about thirty people in total and I’ve kept in touch with maybe ten to fifteen of them, some of whom will be at “the do”. We were lucky to all click and get on together. So its a mini reunion of sorts as well. Also, they’re having the wedding at the campus church so I suspect a few people from the old department will be down as well. A real blast from the past.

It’s important to prepare for Irish weddings, both physically and mentally. Therefore I’ve been in training the last few days for what is to come! Apart from priming the liver my training regime has included vigorous “elbow warming”. This is crucially important for the reception part of the wedding. After four pints I’m generally ready to step onto the dance floor and “bust some moves” as the kids say these days. Over the years I have honed my technique to what many have commented on as “perfection”. Think John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever with about 50 % of the enthusiasm, 10% of the energy, 5 % of the agility, 1 % of the coordination and without the white suit.

My style generally involves standing in one place for a few minutes moving my elbows and shoulders to the music, not always in time or with the rythym but I like to call it “freestyling”. Then I will generally shuffle about a bit, just to get the blood moving in the legs again and to avoid any DVT. I then resume the position and “let the elbows go”. It’s important to have the elbows well oiled (physically and alcoholically) before this as I have come close to straining them in the past. But its poetry in motion when you see me in full flight, if I do say so myself!


3 responses to “Elbow warming…

  1. Your freestyling is what we Americans call “The White Man Shuffle.”

  2. Make sure you strap those thumbs DOWN!!! The last thing you need is for those bad boys to pop up whilst dancing. Was at a wedding on Saturday meself. Unlike you though I don’t even try to dance coz I know how I look!!! Mrs B3N had to make do with my drunken uncle who resembled an epileptic stick insect on crack.

    Best o luck on the return to the auld sod.

  3. Lol… youtube it youtube it!

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