If you build it…

…they will come.

This time however, I can’t see this holding true. Imagine my amazement, while perusing the daily news offerings on the BBC, when I came across the following headline:

Hospital may be put on graveyard

Hello? Am I reading this right? Is it just me, or is there something deeply wrong about this possibility? The infinite wisdom that’s going into this decision leaves me absolutely gobsmacked. Who even contemplates exhuming hundreds of bodies to build a hospital? Land in Omagh (Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland) must be like gold dust if it’s cheaper to move a load of bodies, de-consecrate (or whatever they have to do) the land and then build the hospital, rather than sticking it in a field next door?

I love the fact that they’re holding a “public consultation” on the matter…

Eh, hello, I’d like to bring this meeting to order please. You’ll see there’s just one item on the agenda today, so we’d like to get through it fairly sharpish if you don’t mind.

Item one…we’d like to dig up exhume your dearly departed and move them to the field across the road. Then we’ll build a hospital on their final resting place.

So then, all in favour?

The next quote worth mentioning from the article is “exploratory exercise”. They’re planning an “exploratory exercise” for a few weeks time to measure the feasibility of the project. I don’t even want to get started on what that could imply.

I’m not sure what’s worse, the fact they’re builiding a hospital on a graveyeard, the fact that they’re expecting the public to go along with it or the fact they think people will want to be medically treated on a graveyard. The mind boggles…


One response to “If you build it…

  1. At what point does a graveyard stop being a graveyard and start being a building site? A housing estate near me was built on a huge early Christian burial site? Hundreds of bodies were removed. I know a few other unkempt graveyards that date from 1500-1700. It won’t be long ‘til they’re built on. It doesn’t specify in the article how old the graveyard is.

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