Blimey, it’s cold in here…

I haven’t been this excited since my first all you can eat buffet. I’m so excited I could spit peaches, hock a lung chunk or, and I read this somewhere, poke a badger with a spoon? It’s not one of mine, I found that phrase on google. Anyway, I’m fierce excited about rugby. This is not too out of the ordinary for “I is a huge fan.” But, this isn’t any old rugby, oh no, its the Rugby World Cup! Wayhay!

I have posted about this before, ad nausea, but you see, I got tickets. I got the tickets for the game (Ireland v. Argentina) and they arrived last week, we got the tickets for the train and everything is ready to go and there’s only 60 odd days until kick off and it’s fantastic and and and… Deep breath!

The Irish team have headed to Poland for a training session. They go over to a place called Spala where they have a cryo-chamber! This is to help the players recover quicker from the training so that they can do more in less time. Essentially, they train and then sit in an ice-bath for a few minutes. Here’s the science bit!

Cryotherapy causes the blood vessels to contract as the body cools. When they get out of the chamber, fresh warm blood floods into the vessels removing lactic acid and other nasty things and this prevents cramp and damage to the muscles. The sudden cold also releases endorphins into the system which mask pain and give a sense of euphoria. Simple, effective and bloody painful from what I hear!

But it’ll be worth it all when they thrash Argentina in Paris and I get to see every crunching tackle and Irish try. Come on the boys. I’m off to the merchandise store, to get blinged up in Ireland gear before the trip!

Rest assured no badgers were injured in the making of this post.


5 responses to “Blimey, it’s cold in here…

  1. Oh, that should be a great match. I was thinking of trying to get tickets myself, but work at that time is getting busy, and we’ll already be short a person so I’ve resigned myself to watching on the telly.

  2. Don’t forget your inflatabe hammer! Really looking forward to it myself.

  3. I should hope no badgers were hurt. Not an animal to cross.

    I don’t come here enough… Looking forward to the pub reviews though, big time.

  4. I don’t suppose you know of anywhere that tickets for this game can be purchased for no more than €150 apiece?
    I’ve been trying for months to get tickets for this game but anywhere they are available want at least €250 per ticket which I can’t really afford I’m afraid.

  5. Sorry BC, not sure where you should look. I know they put a new batch of tickets on sale on the official website a while back. But I presume they’re sold out now. Sorry!

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