I’ve been tagged…ahh nuts.

Like a bad flu, this tagging thing has been going round, and now thanks to Robert I’ve caught it! I have to divulge eight unknown facts about myself. Not an easy proposition, I have to admit. I’ve lived a sheltered life! But here goes:

  1. I worked for three months making airplane food in Logan Airport in Boston. I was responsible for making and measuring out exactly equal portions of salad on each tray as it came past. I was a demon at slicing radishes and peppers.
  2. I used to swim for the Armagh swimming team, specialising in long distance breast stroke (enough of the smutty thoughts!).
  3. I’ve been told I bear a close resemblance to a Mr. H. Potter, a young popular wizard. On the evening of my graduation after a few beverages, we got on the late night bus home. My friends pinned me to a wall and applied a scar to my forehead with lip liner before getting on. As I got my ticket, the whole bus starting chanting “Potter”. It’s now a nickname and the easiest fancy dress outfit!
  4. My personal record in keepy-ups is 146. My cousin Donal could get to a thousand. I’m still jealous!
  5. I was a very picky eater as a child. I’d sift through my mum’s fantastic chicken curry and remove every bit of diced onion before I’d start. The food was often stone cold by the time I’d get round to eating it. I only found out last year that she then took to grating the onion in so I couldn’t find it! I also had problems with tomatoes and chunky vegetable soup.
  6. I had an unblemished record in National School until I convinced my friend Johnny Brennan that it would be great to set off stink bombs in the toilets. I let mine off, he didn’t. I then handed myself in. The principal was laughing on the phone when he rang my Mum to come pick me up.
  7. The closest I’ve got to a celebrity is when I had to wait in line behind Sinead O’Connor in a toy store in Dublin. She’d paid but then had to sign autographs for the girls at the cash till.
  8. I have an AV nodal re-entrant tachycardia. Essentially I have two electrical circuits in my heart. Every now and again it gets confused and my heart switches from the normal rate to about 180 beats per minute. Kinda scary but its like doing exercise without the effort!

So that’s it. A bit random but hopefully a little interesting. Now to spread the word. I hereby tag Yinyogi, Kav (if he has the time and motivation), Diane and The Golden Shrimp.


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