The very rough guide to Basel bars…

A difficult one this, but as an expat blogger I feel it’s my duty, some may say my destiny, to review the bars I visit here in Switzerland and let you know what I think. This, rather unselfishly (putting my body on the line), is for the benefit of anyone considering a move here or anyone who just happens to be stuck for a pint in Basel.

The format is as follows. Myself and Matthew (from the Swisscoffee blog, it’s important to have a control alcoholic reviewer), who has offered his services willingly and for free, will visit a minimum of one establishment per week and score the place on the following criteria:

  1. Date and time including opening hours and happy hours
  2. Location and ease of access to non-Baselers
  3. Beer selection and prices
  4. Atmosphere
  5. Service, attractiveness of bar staff and their willingness/ability to speak English
  6. Smokiness
  7. Snacks
  8. Furnishings
  9. Music
  10. “The John”

Each category will be commented on and marked out of ten. Then using quite a complex algorithm (it will be after a few beers), a final overall ranking will be given. This is, of course, no way comprehensive as pubs may have to re-visited for revisions, but it’ll be a good guide to the thirsty traveller or Basel newcomer.

Basel inhabitants, Swiss bloggers and everyone else are invited to give their opinion and comment on the rankings. Any suggestions for additional categories are welcome. Of course, the opinions of the jury (Matthew and myself) are final and not up for discussion! Expect the first review some time this week!


3 responses to “The very rough guide to Basel bars…

  1. Excellent idea and remember, one must suffer for ones art.

  2. It’s the least I can do Bertie. All for the common good! Just hope I’m sober enough to figure it all out!

  3. Let me know what you find out I will be visiting Basel in August.

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