Swiss allegiances…

What a win! We’re just coming down off the euphoric rollercoaster that was the Wimbledon final. Our man Federer did the business again. The Big Fed, The Fedster, El Federino, call him what you want but in Switzerland we call him God! It looked like he was rattled for a few minutes in the fifth set. Then he found second gear and finished off Nadal in pure Swiss style and efficiency. Five Wimbledons (… Oh the Wombles of Wimbledon common are we…) in a row can’t be sniffed at. I’m so proud of him.

You may be wondering what’s happened? Has he gone to the dark side? But as I’ve been living in Basel for 10 months now, I consider myself as good as Swiss. So I don’t know the language, or my way round, or who the President is but that’s not what’s important. I can’t sing the national anthem, I know nothing about Swiss history and I can’t vote in elections. But it’s what’s inside that’s important and when it comes to tennis I’m Swiss through and through! You have to admit the choice is pretty good. There’s old Fed-ex (he always delivers!) himself, and there’s Martina Hingis and Patty Schneider in the womens.

Of course once the rugby world cup rolls round I’ll be ditching the Swiss team for the Irish team. Next year at the European Championships I may have to exercise my Swiss rights again and follow their soccer team. It’s better than having to put up with Stan and his band of merry men. I don’t look at it as favouritism or turn-coatery, more dual residency rights!

Update: I’ve just checked the Wimbledon site and there was an Irish player at Wimbledon after all! Sorry Kelly Liggan, next year I’ll be on your side!


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