And now, the news…

Swiss headlines from the last few days…

Priceless watch collection recovered

Millions of Francs worth of watches (not swatches) found under an oak tree in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

New bishop fails to get everyone’s blessing

Vatican appoints the new man in Chur, not everyone is happy.

Federer equals Borg’s Wimbledon Record

Now everyone is happy.

New bank targets moderately wealthy clients

You only need SFr500,000 (€300,000) to open an account.

Grim weather puts damper on holidays

It’s raining and cold and miserable and it’s July!

The hills are alive with the rumble of trains

Any excuse to build new tunnels. The first Swiss underground is tested in Lausanne.

“Solar taxi” starts record trip round world

Lunatic Pioneer Louis Palmer plans to drive from Lucerne round the world without fossil fuels


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