A cup of cocoa…


It’s the prime reason for all the madness in this world. America is blowing up half of the middle east because of it. Polar bears are drowning in far flung places. Al Gore is back on the interview circuit and in the Presidential race. Economies boom and bust on the price of a barrel going up or down by a dollar. The black gold holds everyone and every country to ransom.

Here in Switzerland, oil is as important as anywhere else. But they also keep their eye on some other very important products. As well as the price of a barrel of oil, the global interest rates are closely watched by the hundreds of banking firms here. The price of gold is fundamentally important to the stocks of Nazi gold buried somewhere under the Alps. Pharma companies live and die by clinical trials and share prices. All are important to keeping Switzerland afloat.

There’s one economic standard I never considered that holds a lot of sway over the Swiss economy. I realised this the other day when I saw the headline:

High cocoa prices bodes ill for chocoholics

It seems that cocoa prices have been steadily increasing for the last few months. A metric tonne now costs $2,149 up 26 % since January! Bad weather in Africa, particularly the Ivory Coast has caused problems with the crop and they predict a short fall in global supplies. Also, the plane belonging to the Prime Minister of the Ivory Coast was attacked recently. This has caused the price to hit a four year high. But who is going to suffer because of all this. Apart from the farmers in the Ivory Coast? The consumer. The knock on effects are going to be huge.

More expensive chocolate = less people capable of buying it = more stressed mentally unstable women people = collapse of society = anarchy and chaos = self destruction of humankind as we know it.

It won’t be global warming that’ll finish us off or all out nuclear war. No, it’ll be because some pissed off bloke who has too much time on his hands took a potshot at the Prime Ministers plane. It’s a very slippery slope. I hope he’s happy!


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