Search Terms

A lazy post today, but here are some of the more interesting search terms people have used to find my blog!

  1. Witty replies salesman
  2. You Pork
  3. “you go over it”
  4. Graham moved to Switzerland
  5. “I want you get away”
  6. swiss offensive nickname
  7. dancers job Switzerland
  8. how to season BBQ meat with beer
  9. they should bring back the T-Rex for pop
  10. “without his legs”

I can explain some, others are best left to the imagination and some are just weird. “You Pork” has popped up a few times. Worringly so has “I want you get away”.

But by far and away the most popular search term that brings people to the blog is:

  • What have the Romans ever done for us!

I’m thinking of naming all my posts that from now on!


2 responses to “Search Terms

  1. It’s bizarre what some people seem to be searching for. Grandad has a pretty funny list of his top searches on his blog somewhere.

    Top searches on my own blog are boring to say the least. My current number one search term is “cork university maternity hospital”.

    Mind you though, there are some which are pretty bizarre too like “rate my hand job” I mean wtf? And “200 cigarettes dublin airport”

    The seasoning bbq meat with beer is quite interesting. I think I’m going to run a search on that myself 😉

  2. It’s always perplexing how these strange search strings find us.

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