Many people don’t believe me when I say golf is exciting and at times, nail biting. I think the final round at the Open championship in Carnoustie yesterday was golf at it’s absolute best. It had it all, the power struggles, the to-ing and fro-ing at the top of the leaderboard, the heartache, the disbelief, the majestic shot making and unpredictabiliy of the weather, the skill and steely nerves, the stunning Scottish backdrop, the missing flags, the bunker raking, the four hole play off, the crafty strategies, the dubious club selections, the caddy’s notebooks, the winding burn, double bogeys and the invaluable eagles, the the the..

It’ll take a while to get over it. Well done to Padraig, I was with him every time he stuck it in the stream. I feel sorry for Garcia. He deserves a major very soon.


One response to “Nail-biting…golf?

  1. And all of that was on flat ground…just think if there hills on Carnoustie?

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