And now the news…

Actual headlines from the news over the last few days here in Switzerland.

Sun takes chill out of Swiss summer

34.2°C in the Rhone valley supposedly. We had to put up with only 33°C.

In Zurich no one can hear you scream

Mr. HR Giger is Swiss and was responsible for visual effects on the film Alien. He’s showing off some of his stuff in Zurich.

Tax paradise leads Swiss company boom

Obwalden canton (province) cuts tax rate to 6.6%, new companies go up by 230% compared to last year! Result!

Thomy the tube adds sizzle to Swiss sausages

Thomy, the company that makes everything (well mustard and mayo anyway) here in aluminium tubes turns 75 years old.

Swiss “Mickey Mouse” turns 75

Globi, the blue parrot with the big heart, Switzerlands most famous cartoon character is also 75. Did everything in Switzerland start 75 years ago?

Pilot killed attempting to emulate Lindbergh

Hobby pilot took off from Basel airport with 1700 litres of kerosene on board to fly 8000km to America. He made it only a few minutes before crashing through an apartment block. Amazingly he was the only person who died.

The long and short of Swiss precision

The Swiss are pretty good at everything to do with engineering…oh, and they’re precise.


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