A quick update…

It’s been a busy few days. We’ve had a great weekend and the recovery period is going well. Eva’s parents arrived on Thursday evening and so I arranged to go for a game of tennis with her Dad. He used to play a lot, I was still suffering from my run and a lack of tennis for ten years. Okay, enough of the excuses, he was much better even taking his back surgery and 30 extra years into the equation. I have to start practising again.

They left on Saturday to head on towards France which gave us the opportunity to attend a post wedding party of two friends here in Basel. They just threw up a table, a BBQ and beer keg on the public walkway along by the Rhein. I thought to myself, it’ll be only a few minutes before we’re reported/arrested/deported or all of the above. But we were there (and all over the place) until three on Sunday morning. Much beer and merriment was had by all. Hence the quiet couch-bound day on Sunday.

This week is interesting as the first of August is the national holiday here in Switzerland. So on Tuesday night there is a big fireworks display over the river and sky divers and music and all sorts of things. So we’re hoping to get a spot on one of the bridge over the Rhein, get some food and watch the show. The weather looks like it’ll be good all evening. Busy busy busy. Oh and we have plans of going to the Alps this weekend for camping. And I’ve just booked flights to a mates stag do in Cork in September. I’m loving it!


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