Can’t post…

…as I’m too busy drooling…


Normal service will resume shortly, as long as I don’t electrocute myself over the keyboard.


7 responses to “Can’t post…

  1. I’ve just noticed the remote that comes with the new iMac has not received any make over, at least not in this press shot. That and mouse now look distinctly out of step. How and ever, in terms of moving to the brushed steel look, they’re clearly going for the Dell market. The press shots even compare one with the other. Sweet machine but will not be splashing out this side of 08 that’s for sure. Any Euro prices yet?

  2. I agree, they made sure to mention it was a “professional” looking consumer machine. Prices start at €1199 for the base model up to €2219 for top of range model without any add-ons. I’d better start saving now!

  3. I have had to give my wallet to a friend to mind for me until I can calm myself down a small bit. I’m so tempted to buy one but I think I would be better saving my redundancy money and using it to buy bits and pieces for the baby instead!

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  5. I’m going to get me one of those, possibly in the not-too-distant future… This laptop has served me brilliantly for three years plus change, but it’s time for something new so this can be a backup machine.

    And the top-of-the-range iMac is the way forward, 24″ screen and all. Yay!

    All I have to do is get more cash.

  6. link didn’t work so don’t know which one you meant… but there are some great ones there… thanks!

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