Moody Monaghan Monday…

Hould on a wee minute, says I, der up two points, do ya folla? Monaghan are leading de game and der’s only five minutes left to go haigh! Jaysus, we could have ‘er yet! Kerry are all over da’ show and it’s der for the taking. Com-on da boyz! Lads from school an’ all up playing in the big smoke and here’s me in Switzerland haigh. It’s fierce ogeous all da same.

Wait, stall the digger, ah shite, the eejits from down South are after scoring tree points. Our lads have just couped! We could do with a McEnaney free right by now, d’ya mind it?

Dat’s it, it’s all over, they’ve scooped it from under us. All our lads needed was a locka points in the last few minutes and we’d be up agin the Dub’s in the semis. To be fair they were a wee bit clatty at the end. So feckin’ close yet so far. They’ll forgit all about it after a few tonight, they’ll be as full as a shuck, d’ya get me? That’s a shockin’ tarra.

Translation: That was ‘Blayney speak for the following. Monaghan lost by a point to Kerry in the All Ireland Football Quarter Finals. I listened to the game online and was gutted at the end, they deserved at least a draw if not the game. Here’s to next year.


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