Instant results!

I should have joined up to this Feedburner thing a long time ago. Still haven’t got my head round it but lo and behold The Swiss Job showed up on the front page of WordPress! Have a look:


Under the Technology section of all places! Obviously with a title like “Pimp my feed…” they couldn’t resist!! Thanks for the mention and the spike in viewers!

Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking I’d like to start by thanking my agent, God almighty, the smurfs etc…


3 responses to “Instant results!

  1. Though I doubt Feeburner had a thing to do with it.

    Maybe you should read up more on what Feedburner really is, so you can use it even better.

  2. actually as soon as i got feedburner’s services i got a spike in my blog by about 61 users. i love feedburner now.

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