Where’s Dundee exactly?

We’ve/I’ve been busy entertaining this weekend. I love it when people come to visit. Especially when you live away from home, it brings a little bit of the familiar back into your life. We had a friend from Dundee over for the weekend and so did the usual tour of the city and saw the sights and sounds of Basel. On top of that we got to visit the nearby Vitra museum, more of which later this week.

I spent a few months at the beginning of my PhD and just after I’d finished it up in Dundee and I miss the place. When I started telling people where I was off to, they were always positive about it and then would ask where Dundee is exactly? To be honest, I didn’t know until I went for my interview! It’s not one of the cities I’d ever have thought I’d end up in but they often seem to be the best ones. Sheffield and Basel could be included in that group as well. Slightly off the beaten track but still great places in their own right.

After my degree I looked for projects and groups I was interested in and Dundee seemed like a good move. As it happened, two other classmates started around the same time in Dundee. It ended up with seven from a class of twenty eight doing PhDs in Dundee! In the end, the Irish invasion force failed to establish a beach head (too busy having a good time) and we’ve since moved on to pastures new.

But Dundee is a great little city. Not much to do in the city but around the corner is the north Atlantic, across the river is the kingdom of Fyfe and St. Andrews. Up north is the wilderness of the highlands and down south are the cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh. There was always plenty to do/see/walk/climb and drink in and around Dundee! So we’ve now caught up on the all the gossip from up North and life is once again back to the Swiss way of things.


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