Review of Chill Am Rhy

Chill Am Rhy

Next up, we decided to head down to a seasonal bar in Basel along by the river. Perched on the bank directly under the Munster, Chill Am Rhy is a unique place. Only open for a two months during the summer, it stretches along the river and has a relaxed, lounge-y, cosmopolitan feel to the lace. It comes alive at night with gas torches, mood lighting and good music. Well worth a trip, but we managed to get there on the last weekend. Badly timed review, I know, but we’ll have to wait until next year to revise it! Here were our thoughts on the place

Date and time: 24/08/07 around 6.30 – 8.30pm

Location and ease of access: Only one way to walk in, down fourth flights of stairs by the Munster onto the river bank. Otherwise for the dramatic entrance, take the little ferry boat across the river and it drops right at the bar! 8/10 (simply because you can arrive by boat!)

Beer selection and prices: Surprisingly good selection of draught and bottled beer for a temporary set up. Even good wines for the ladies! I tried the summer beer and Matthew had the amber. Only downside was the beer was served in plastic glasses, which had deposits on them (to stop people throwing them in the river I think). 7/10

Atmosphere: Quite unique. The river is right beside you, the Munster is above you and the opposite bank is Basel at it’s best. At night it steps up a gear with great lighting effects. The furniture is very laid back and encourages mingling, so there’s always a good atmosphere. 8/10

Service: It was slow but we were there just after they opened. The bar staff spoke English and offered advice on the wine selection for the ladies. Generally good. 5/10

Smokiness: No problems at all as the bar is completely outdoors. 10/10

Snacks: Didn’t have any food as we had dinner planned. However they had a full menu there and two or three barbecues going full time. There were sausages from the grills and salads and curry from the kitchen. 7/10

Furnishings: Very laid back and situated under canopies along the river. Low slung comfortable plastic chairs and tables. Also had some couches and you could always sit on the wall with the river right behind you. 6/10

Music: None that I could remember but later on the party starts and they often have Dj’s or dance/lounge music playing. 6/10

“The John”: The only downside. The toilets are very basic and a little shabby. Foot operated sink and no paper towels. Also only one toilet per sex which when it’s busy can cause trouble. 3/10

Rated 5/5 on Aug 26 2007 by The Swiss Job
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