Comfortably numb…?

Not likely, at least not in the Rhein. Of course, being the rugged out-doorsy type I am I didn’t mind the frigid water. My fellow swimmers (Swiss Coffee and the Golden Shrimp) however moaned and dipped toes and wondered about the temperature. Meanwhile I was half way down the river!

Let me explain. During the summer, Rhein swimming is a very popular sport here in Basel. You get a water proof bag, get changed on the bank, stick all your stuff in the bag (which also acts as a buoyancy aid), jump into the river with the bag, float down through the city and get out at the other end. Otherwise, theoretically, you could end up in Holland. That is if you survive the numerous locks, hydro electric dams, shipping lanes, pollution and temperature. Anyway, the possibilities for getting in and out are numerous along both banks of the river.

It’s an amazing way to see the city and the strong current in the Rhein propels you along with minimal effort on your part. You can just sit back and relax, wave to people on the shore and watch the city go by. So, with the weather in the high 20’s at the weekend we talked the guys from Swiss Coffee into coming for a dip.

We got in just under the Schwarzwaldbrucke and floated down almost to the Johanniterbrucke. About twenty minutes in all I think. We then got out, headed to the Buvette (review coming soon!) for a beer and sat by the river in the sun to dry out! A perfect way to keep cool and to see the city. I would strongly recommend it to anyone. When the weather is good, of course!


7 responses to “Comfortably numb…?

  1. In fairness, the water is cold! And there were other Rheinschwimmers in the queue ahead of us–well they were there first and kind of in the way of a good plunge. Very nice ride, but I was cold and ready to get out by the end of our jaunt. I look forward to my next schwimm!

  2. I was wondering if I could elicit a response! Seems to have worked!! Okay, so maybe it was a touch on the cold side!

  3. Sign me up for a bit of that! Sounds great. I wonder how long it would take to get to Holland?

  4. Could you wear a wet suit?

  5. That sounds really great actually. I’m sure the beer made up for feeling cold when you got out.

  6. Great indeed but also… Well, a bit odd. Sounds excellent!

  7. When you review Buvette, be sure to mention the yummy wasabi nuts they sell.. adds at least a 2 to the score of an already good watering hole.

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