I knew that title would get your attention. Of course I’m talking about the rugby position but I’m interested to see the traffic I get to this post!


One of the finest hookers I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching – Keith Wood aka Fester!

Anyway, the rugby world cup is a week away, I’ve been scouring the news and statistics while writing my posts on “The Fear of God” blog (what do you mean you haven’t read it? Go, now!) and my jersey has arrived. It’s safe to say I’ve entered the zone, the rugby state of mind and for the next four weeks it will be all consuming, to the detriment of my sanity, my liver and my general well being.

But to tie it all together, The Swiss Job, the Fear of God blog and the rugby world cup, I thought I’d give you a little taster of what’s happening rugby wise in Switzerland. The Swiss rugby union was set up in 1972 and they played their first international in ’73. Notable results include a 90-0 drubbing of Bulgaria, a 60-0 hammering of Finland and a crushing 40-0 defeat to Spain. They have so far failed to qualify for a World Cup, coming closest in 2003. They’re currently ranked 51st in the world wedged between the Cook Islands and Papua New Guinea. There are 20 clubs and roughly 1650 registered players in Switzerland and they have a national league.

Of course here in Switzerland rugby takes a back seat to the popular sports. Soccer, tennis and winter sports draw the crowds and so the rugby is suffering because of it. One of the main sponsors of the union is a chain of English pubs here in Switzerland! Still I’m sure they all get a free pint after the game!

There are two games coming up for Switzerland against Armenia and Serbia so I must check to see if they take place in Basel. There’s no such thing as too much rugby!


2 responses to “Hookers

  1. Hi there
    If you figured out if they are playing in Basel could you please post it on your blog?

    I am wondering how they managed to be on the 51st rank in the world anyway. There are definitely other sports played in Switzerland. Are you playing for a rugby team there?

  2. Haven’t been able to figure it out just yet Roman, but I’ll stick it up on the blog once I do. I don’t play although I was invited along to the training. Still haven’t quite got round to it!

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