Shove your ticket…

If you ever find yourself in Basel and desperately in need of a 500GB external hard drive, don’t, under any circumstances, buy it from Steg PC. Ever. Kapish?

We’ve been looking for a hard drive for a while to ship my ever growing digital music library to and also to use as a back up for our two laptops. A colleague of mine from Basel suggested Steg as the best/cheapest place to go. So, on Friday I jumped on the tram and headed for what turned out to be the worst “retail experience”, I’ve ever encountered.

My experiment on Friday had gone tits up, so I figured I could slip out of the lab, get the hard drive and be back within an hour. The tram would take fifteen minutes there and back, leaving thirty minutes to pick up the hard drive. So I got to the shop and they had a ticket queuing system. You pick a ticket and keep an eye on the display, when your number comes up you go to the desk. My number was about twenty ahead of the display but there were five counters opened so I figured it wouldn’t be too long. I got my ticket, found the hard drive, got my wallet out and so within one minute was ready to pay.

Then it hit me. The counters were taking care of everything. Purchases, repairs, Internet pre-orders and enquiries. I also noticed the ten people wandering aimlessly about holding things they wanted to buy but because their number hadn’t appeared they, as well as me, had to wait. For a long long time as it turns out. I spent forty five minutes waiting to pay for something. I kept convincing myself it was a mistake, they’d start processing our purchases soon. How can you expect customers to wait that long to purchase anything? Especially when they’re standing there looking at you? There was a guy waiting as long as me to buy a memory card!

How can you do business like that? Surely they should have a till that’s just open for purchases, it would have taken ten minutes to get everyone who was waiting there through. But instead you have to wait while the guy with the catalogue can’t make his mind up which graphics card he wants and so the guy at the counter chats to him and wanders in and out of the store room with different types. Meanwhile you’re standing there with your purchase and your card ready to do business and they’re not interested.



5 responses to “Shove your ticket…

  1. I wouldn’t have waited that long!

    Next time, try this:

    My husband, also known as Gadget Boy, loves them. They have a huge selection, good prices (for Europe) and fast delivery to your front door.

  2. Same in Swisscom shops. The previous CEO would not like to see people stand in queue. In stead of making the system quicker, they have made “islands” and a lot of people wander around….. – I have also waited 40 minutes in a Swisscom shop.

  3. That really is ridiculous – I’d have given up.

  4. I thought that system of shopping died out with the fall of Communism until Argos came along. It reminds me of when I went shopping in GUM department store in Red Square. I wanted to buy stationary, saw what I wanted to buy behind the counter, pointed it out the shop assistant and had the required wheelbarrow load of Rubles to buy it. 45 minutes later I left the shop with no stationary and a wheelbarrow load of Rubles unaware that what I should have done was queued up to view the product and record the number of the product, queued up at the booth at the front of the shop to pay for it and get my ticket, then queued up back at the counter to receive my purchase. Ah well, at least I’ll know next time.

  5. Hi there
    Have you never been in a post office? They don’t even sell post products. They sell “Handys und Kaugummi” but not even addresses of people living in Switzerland or somewhere else. (They don’t have twixtel or
    If you would like to compare prices of electronically products please check the homepage. You can purchase all products and they will send it to your home. Very efficient and easy. Also best prices in Switzerland.

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