Grindcore lover

A friend of the Golden Shrimp arrived for the weekend and along with the usual tourist sights and sounds in Basel there was the Jugend Kultur Festival taking place. This is a bi-annual festival highlighting the cream of young musical talent around Basel. So we headed down on Friday and Saturday night to see what was on offer. There were seven or eight stages dotted round the city offering an eclectic mix of music.

We caught a few songs from The Air Collective, Whysome and Famara among others. There was a great atmosphere, everyone enjoying the music and having a few beers. It made us promise to go see more live music in Basel.

Saturday however was the highlight of the festival for us. We warmed up with catching the end of Total Annihilation. You couldn’t fault them for effort and crowd participation but that’s where it ended really! For me at least! My colleague in work is the lead guitarist and backing singer screamer for Britney, so we caught their show next. To introduce you to the world of Britney, here’s how they describe themselves:


It was a cracking performance! All the metal heads lined up at the front to start head banging but this guy came out dressed as a rapper and laid down a few verses to the confused crowd! Then the screaming, growling and microphone chewing got into full swing. I have to admit, I only lasted eleven minutes, went got a beer and left the young people to get on with their crowd surfing and synchronised head banging! But it was good to see him in action and from what he says they had a few enquiries afterwards regarding gigs. So can’t have been all bad! Here’s a few pictures of them in action (thanks Sara!)






3 responses to “Grindcore lover

  1. wowsers!

  2. Ha, the subtle reminders one’s no longer 17 … sounds like a great fest though.

  3. Love the new header! I may be behind the times somewhat, or drunk as a cunt… But I love the new image up top.

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