They’re almost here

I can almost touch them! The anticipation has been building for a while now. It’s not bad enough that the rugby world cup starts this weekend but Apple have gone and announced a product presentation this evening. This means new shiny gadgets and software I think. The rumour mill has gone into the usual throes of wild predictions, crystal ball staring and guess-timating of what will be announced by His Steveness.

Top of the list are new iPods. Full sized iPods as well as new iPod Nanos. Supposedly the new full sized iPod will be an iPhone without the phone bit which would be and look great I think. Other reports mention WiFi connectivity, digital radio and even a networking feature similar to the much maligned Zune player from Microsoft.

The new Nanos will have a larger screen and a snazzy new version of the traditional interface. There may also be a Red product version of the iPod shuffle so you can do your bit for the world while getting your shiny new gadget.

Other rumours getting the hyped treatment are ringtones for the iPhone through the iTunes Music store which seems to make sense. The Beatles catalogue may also appear on the iTunes music store. Whichever way it plays out expect new Apple goodies to lust after this evening!


One response to “They’re almost here

  1. Thanks for the post about the Apple event tonight. I’ve managed to ween myself off TUAW, Macrumors et al.

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