That’s how I’d describe my head on Saturday morning and Ireland’s display against the Namibians in the rugby world cup. I didn’t see the game as I was en route to Basel from Cork where the stag do was on. We had a great weekend and I was glad that there were no serious plans in place.

It meant we could go for a few pints and then sleep in and watch the rugby during the day. Everything was at a nice steady pace so I feel relatively fine today. But I can’t believe the result in the rugby! I don’t know how our team of professionals (who seemed to be on every advert in Cork at the weekend) can be given a run for their money against a team of part-timers. It doesn’t bear thinking about and now I have serious doubts about the France and Argentinian games. I don’t want to go to Paris to see us throw it away in the last game against the Pumas.

To cheer me up I did get the latest Ross O’Carroll Kelly book and read the majority of it on the way home yesterday. It was the first time in a long time that I actually cried with laughter. The guy sitting next to me on the plane must have thought I’d lost it. I had to close the book and regain my composure and breath a little. Brilliant stuff and much better that watching the rugby team play!


One response to “Painful.

  1. A fscking shocker. We’re always crap against the minnows, but that was taking it to an extreme. At one point we were in serious danger of losing the game.


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