Dry me down Scotty…

I’m a sucker for a bit of good design. I like to believe that a team of people have sat down, figured out what is needed in a product and then set to work designing the best possible version of it. Not the cheapest, or the most mass produced, or the easiest, just the best.

For the stag do at the weekend we were staying in a hotel in Cork. We went for a few pints, dinner, a few more pints and then got back to the hotel about two in the morning to give the residents bar a test drive. Feeling nature calls I headed to the toilet. And in their was a piece of industrial design that I spent ten minutes playing with.

Now, before you carried away let me explain that it was a hand dryer for after washing your hands. Built by Dyson, it’s called the Airblade. I took pictures of it and everything, but it’s just easier to go the website and have a look. This is a very clever machine. Supposedly quite a few places in Ireland have them now.

You stick your wet hands down into the cavity and a sheet of very fast air blows across. You then withdraw your hands slowly back through the sheet of air! It claims it takes 12 seconds. It was like something out of star trek.

Now I just have to convince my better half that we need one in the bathroom. Think of the savings on towels and laundry and stuff!


3 responses to “Dry me down Scotty…

  1. I saw one of those in Barry’s pub in Douglas a few months ago. It certainly beats the old “stick hands under vent, motor stats, then stops, wave hands around in attempt to get motor going again, dry hands on trousers, motor restarts as you go to leave” routine. 🙂

  2. Made by Dyson. I has to be great!

  3. It seems to be such a simple logical step forward. It’s a wonder that someone didn’t come up with something similar sooner.

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