Answer me this. When is someone going to invent a puncture proof bicycle inner tube? Men have walked on the moon, we now have sliced bread and glow in the dark toilet seats! There are particle accelerators, bullet trains and channel tunnels. Surely it can’t be that difficult to design a puncture resistant tyre? Have bicycle tyres changed that much since the early 1900’s?

After two punctures in the same wheel in as many weeks I think there could be a huge market for this. I’m fed up taking the tyre and tube on and off. After the first puncture I bought a new tube and then the tyre wouldn’t go back on. Turns out the tyre was also knackered so I bought a new one of those. A day and a half later the new tyre and tube were flatter than Holland.

Now, obviously, if you’re a tyre manufacturer you don’t want to make a puncture proof tyre because people will buy one and that’ll be it. No returning sales. But think of the initial interest! Millions would be bought, you’d make a fortune overnight and could pack it all in, retire early, knowing you’d done your bit for mankind.

Environmentally friendly, time and money saving genius. But don’t even think about it! It was my idea and I’m already in contact with the patent office. This one is mine!


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