I’ve just finished the last Harry Potter book and with some relief I’m glad to say it’s all over. I found the last one very hard going. It was long, boring in a lot of places and I think the first of the books to be written directly for the film screen rather than the book.

Characters are killed off for no apparent reason, other characters are introduced for no apparent reason, the plot is confusing and somewhat jumbled, the initial magic and novelty of the Potter world had already worn off by the fourth book and the ending has to be one of the most disappointing I’ve encountered in a while.

But, I’m glad I’ve read the series, I think the first three maybe four books were very enjoyable and captured the imagination brilliantly. I think when the pressure was put on Rowling to produce the follow up books and the franchise became the monster it is, the books have suffered and no longer hold any appeal for me. I think it was stretched too far and died a slow drawn out death, rather than going out in a blaze of magic and spells.

But, now that it’s over, I now know the ending, six months after everyone else but at last I can move on to reading something a little more taxing, with a good solid plot, proper character backstories and development, a few action scenes, maybe a car chase or two and some good humour.

So where’s my Beano?


One response to “Pottered

  1. I was disappointed to, by the book and by the ending. I think the fact that they weren’t at school meant alot of the magic was lost for me. Ah well!

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