How steep is 28%?

Ex-hill-erating! See what I did there? Oh never mind!

I experienced what I was told was one of the steepest roads in Europe at the weekend. The 28% gradient mentioned on the signpost means nothing until you’re going down it in a bus load of people with a trailer full of luggage behind it. Think of it as a slow and not so steady rollercoaster through carved rock walls with forests and waterfalls all around!


The road in all it’s glory! Breathtaking in every sense of the word!


For our alpine walk at the weekend we stayed in a tiny place called Griesalp at the top of this daunting slope. There’s a hut/hostel there that was a fantastic place to stay. We got up early on the Saturday to be greeted by dense fog and so had a lazy morning sitting in the common room and waiting for the weather to clear.

Around midday we set off and had a great day in the mountains. Saturday evening was spent drinking beer by the fire and playing poker and a memory game we found on a shelf. Needless to say I lost the memory game after my third beer. I still there was foul play going on but wasn’t bothered enough to find out!

Sunday was a clear and warm day so we set off early and walked for three hours up to a glacier and a very isolated mountain hut where we stopped for lunch. We then made it back down for a quick beer before getting back on the bus to negotiate the 28% slope again! Such a beautiful place and we’ve made promises to go back next year.

I want to try driving that rollercoaster!


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