The itinery

This weekend I have the place to myself. Here’s the plan:

Friday evening:

  • Order Food (not sure what to go for?)
  • Watch France vs. New Zealand rugby game from last weekend
  • Watch more TV


  • Sleep in
  • Help a friend dig a hole
  • Do some shopping
  • German homework
  • Watch Australia vs. England from last weekend
  • To the pub to see France vs. England semi final with a few pints and random rugby supporters


  • Sleep in (11.30am-ish)
  • Cooked breakfast (black pudding, toast, bacon, lots of ketchup)
  • General moping about (have to roast a chicken)
  • Watch South Africa vs. Fiji game from last weekend
  • Tidy up the place
  • Have the roasted chicken with the Golden shrimp
  • Watch South Africa vs. Argentina game
  • Go to bed a contented man.

I can’t wait! Anything I should include for the perfect manly weekend? I have left out the scratching and belching that should be taken for granted!


3 responses to “The itinery

  1. What do you think about the soccer match from Ireland vs. Germany.
    Would that not be entertaining as well.

  2. I’d forgotten about that! Jeez, it just gets more difficult. Such a packed schedule this weekend!

  3. Don’t forget not to take a shower all weekend. That’s one of the ultimate joys of being a man on his own.

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