Balls in the air

Too many in fact. In my infinite wisdom I’ve decided to take on a little extra study in the evenings as well as my German course starting next week and a departmental presentation to give on Wednesday. I know there’s a logical reason in there somewhere.

So, this week everything has been up in the air. I went last night for my “Annual Clothes Shop”. This is a once a year phenomenon where I talk myself into going shopping for clothes, possibly one of the most challenging/boring/confusing activities I can think of. Of course when I get myself into the shop it generally takes twenty minutes and then it’s all over. But then the dentist usually takes twenty minutes and it’s not pleasant either.

So I went along last night and bought two t-shirts, two jumpers and a new pair of shoes which should see me through till next year. I have enough trousers for the next twelve months. I’m also of the opinion that if you find a t-shirt that fits you, pick three others in the same size, but different colours and designs, and buy them all. Fitting everything on takes too long. Although saying that, last night I did try everything on and had to get a different size in one. Why are things labelled the same size but are clearly not?

Anyway, things to look forward to this weekend:

  1. Rugby world cup final
  2. Basel Indoor Tennis Championships
  3. Having friends over for fondue
  4. Sleep in on Sunday morning.

Oh yes! (said in a “Churchill Dog from the advert” stylee!)


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