My new favourite word

I came across this today on a poster at work about an upcoming talk:


Don’t worry, I haven’t a clue what it means either.


3 responses to “My new favourite word

  1. hmmmm… nope.. no clue

  2. I looked it up on Wikipedia.

    I still don’t have a clue.

  3. Thanks. I needed that word. Opened an entirely new field and way of thinking. Really.

    Gaining a clue unfortunately will require years of study in what I gather must be an entirely new field to you.

    Clues: The contents of a cell change all the time. Nutrients and oxygen go in, carbon dioxide and water goes out; signal substances come and go, outside stresses are met with changes inside the cell, to be read as a change in the direction of metabolic processes. Say you reduce oxygen availability. Then the cell will have to scale down the activity of mitochondria and get its energy from less efficient utilization of glucose, but with a lower oxygen requirement. So there will be a change in the flux of material through the metabolic pathways. Knowing what and why and how, I suppose, is fluxomics.

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