And on the left…

Back from a weekend in Berlin visiting the brother. We got a lot done over the two days:

  1. Saw the hotel where Jason Bourne finds and follows Pamela Landy
  2. Saw the square where Bourne is on the tram and grabs Nicky
  3. Saw the train station where Bourne eludes the police and jumps the fence
  4. Saw the train station where Bourne stashes his bag in the locker. (I may have even used the same locker! Going to check tonight!)

All in all a great weekend.

Oh and we saw the Reichstag and other stuff as well.


4 responses to “And on the left…

  1. You probably saw the Brandenberg Gate too?

    When I saw it in person I was gutted to say the least. It is tiny! Well not tiny but nowhere as near as big as youwould imagine from seeing pictures of it.

  2. I said the exact same thing when I saw it! I was expecting an epic gateway of gigantic proportions but it is in reality a poor second to the Arc de Triomphe with apartment blocks either side. A little disappointing but some of the building in Berlin were stunning and more than made up for “the gate!”

  3. Jason Bourne….swoon

  4. you clearly haven’t seen mine own photos (flickr) of the Brandenburg gate. I think it is stunning….but mostly in a symbolic way.

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