Geeky big brother

It’s no secret that I have always wanted to be an astronaut. I imagine most boys dream of being one at some stage or another. Of course, that’ll never happen but I do like to keep up to date with the space program both here in Europe and across the Atlantic in the America.

I actually had a look at the “How to apply to become an astronaut” page in the NASA website recently to see if I ticked any boxes. Of course I’m not a US citizen and without my glasses I can’t see ten feet in front of me but apart from that, I’m ready to fly!

I do however like to watch the space missions online, on NASA TV. It sort of like Big Brother for nerds. Essentially there are lots of cameras filming ten to fifteen people in a cramped and sealed environment going about their daily routine. Granted, they are floating round the earth in the vaccuum of space but the analogy works! You can see some amazing things when they’re working outside hanging off the end of the station as Africa floats by underneath. Also, they’re worth watching just to hear the technicalj argon and the completely unnecessary use of abbreviations. Just call it a spacewalk, not an EVA (Extra-vehicular activity)!

At the moment there’s a mission to the space station to attach a new compartment and move a huge array of solar panels to a new location on the station. Everything was going smoothly until they realised that the solar panels are torn and can’t extend fully. That was not in the script but right about now they should be outside trying to patch it back together and get things sorted out. Click on the link to have a look.


One response to “Geeky big brother

  1. They have Nasa TV? Cool!

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