Gripped with man-flu

It’s a wonder I can blog at all…Hacckkaaaahhhooc…today. I’ve been struck down with a particularly virulent case of the life-threatening, “MAN-FLU”. My body has been racked with pain and suffering all weekend. My lungs have been filled with gravel and…hhhmmmmmmacccckkkh…have all but packed in today. No amount of vitamin C or honey and lemon drinks can combat the crippling congestion and splitting headaches. My nose is producing enough fluid to fill a bath.

The man-flu has gripped my body and tossed it round like a rag doll. The fact that I’m typing this at all is testament to my refusal to bow under the onslaught. I’m…cuhaacccckkkkllke…lucky to be alive.

I may never be without pain but I never grumble!


One response to “Gripped with man-flu

  1. God help the Golden Shrimp 😉

    Get well soon!

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