Losing a limb…

Not an actual limb, you understand, more a psychological limb. We’ve canceled our TV contract. I’m just going to let that settle in before moving on…

See what I mean? It’s a big move, I wouldn’t say were addicted to TV in Chez Nous, but we do like to watch a few programmes.

The decision was made because we’ve lived with and without a TV and we much prefer the without option. In Scotland we lived for nine months without a box and it was bliss. Your life isn’t controlled by the TV schedule, you have so much free time to do stuff and you can arrange your room around something other than where the aerial connection is. In Dundee we had a very kitsch 80’s style fake fire with glowing glass coals and two bars on the front. It was a great talking point!

We got the TV here because it was a little bit of home and helped to settle us in. We could get BBC1 and 2, ITV 1 and 2 and a few other English speaking channels to take the edge off the move and the fact that everyone around us was speaking German. But now we find ourselves getting sucked into watching series of reality, ballroom dancing with celebrity chefs, in the jungle type singing contests that are a complete waste of time. I should have been watching the German channels to get up to speed with the language but that was too much like hard work.

So, any time soon, it’ll be gone, out of my life and I’m gong to have to cope with having lots of time to read books, brush up on my German, write blog posts, meet people for pints, do a bit of study and relax. I realise that for most of the day I have media of some description on in the background. Radio in the lab, iPod in work, the laptop is always on and then I come home to the TV! I think it’s time to cut down on the digital drowning and get back to basics.

Of course, this all sounds kushty now, next week when I have to miss the latest episode of “America’s wildest police celebrity dance challenge factor”, I’ll be going up the wall or rocking gently in the corner of the room somewhere. But it’s all for the best, right?


2 responses to “Losing a limb…

  1. As you can imagine I am in full support of this one. 6 months on I still have Neighbours cravings, but it is worth it!

  2. Probably bad timing for me to read this, I’m just getting the Freeview box installed this evening!

    I totally agree though, tv does rob so much time. But I think I’ve been weaned off the soaps now having not seen them for so long!

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