Keeping my promise

Is there anyone still out there?

It’s been a while but I made a promise to myself and thankfully I’ve kept it. We came back from our four week Australian/Tasmanian extravaganza at the end of January and I decided not to post again until I put the photos from the holidays online.

Of course, when you take 1,200 photos and 6 rolls of film it takes a while to sift through them and pick out the best bits. We’ve edited the collection and I’ve put a select few up for your perusal. You can have a look at them here!

Normal service will resume, but life is hectic at the moment making up for four weeks of beaches, wine tastings, walking, wildlife, beer, friends, camping, fishing, fairy penguins and tennis!

Bear with me!! 

9 responses to “Keeping my promise

  1. I’m here I’m here!!!

    *waves hands around frantically*

    • Hello,

      If I got the mesage right that should be your email.
      Sorry took a while as i was on vacation durin the Christmas-New Year Eve in Malta without laptop or internet connection…hourray.
      Not that many question if you have by chance please ask maybe I ill get some ideas from there,

      Mariana from eharmony
      mari19ian at

  2. welcome back TSJ. As you know I did wonder for a while!!

  3. Look, the sun!
    Nice photos there

  4. Good to see you’re back! Looks like you had a fab trip!!

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