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Alpine bound

Yes indeedy! Eva’s brother and his girlfriend have arrived for a few days and so we decided to take a road trip down south and have a weekend of hiking. I’ve packed the horn (the Alpine variety of course) and all other essentials and we’ll be off around six this evening.

We’ve planned to stay in a mountain hut close to Kandersteg and see what routes take our fancy. The weather forecast looks favourable and it’s good to be getting some time in the mountains before the weather turns for the winter. We’re a bit disappointed this year with how little time we’ve spent in the Alps. We’ve been walking a few times in Jura close to Basel, but the two to three hours to get to the Alps have put day trips out of reach. So if you’re going to go it has to be for a weekend and they seem to be always in short supply!

So we’ve made more promises to get more trips in next year and this weekend is a good excuse to scout out some new areas for us. Of course the skiing season is quickly creeping up on us and I hope we’ll get a good season this year and a few trips to the piste. I have to fine tune my back flips!