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Thinking outside the pizza box

Having the place to myself this weekend also means I can get into some culinary magic. I like to experiment in the kitchen and try things that are a “little outside the box”. Fusion cooking would come close, I suppose, to describe the attempts being made! I’ve currently got a few projects in the pipeline and this weekend may be the time to start the practical work.

Unsuprisingly, most of these gastronomic ideas revolve around pizza. The first one is inspired from a pizza place I used to go to when I lived in Boston. They had a pizza with potato on top and I instantly had the idea of merging shepherds pie and pizza! I think I’ll call it Shepherds Pizza. Now bear with me here.

Start with a normal pizza base, top with the minced beef, tomatoe sauce from a shepherds pie (carrots optional) and finish off with thin potato slices sliced. Sprinkle with cheese and maybe a few herbs and I think you’re onto a winner there.

Next up was an idea inspired from Tuesday nights fondue. I’d like to call it Fonduzza. Fondue already takes care of the bread and cheese aspects of pizza. Just mix a little tomato and herbs in there and you’re almost done. I’m still a little undecided on how to incorporate the salami and mushrooms but this weekend I think I can get round that little technicality.

Did I mention I’m giving away these ideas for free? Any hints or tips on how to improve these dishes would be welcome!