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The itinery

This weekend I have the place to myself. Here’s the plan:

Friday evening:

  • Order Food (not sure what to go for?)
  • Watch France vs. New Zealand rugby game from last weekend
  • Watch more TV


  • Sleep in
  • Help a friend dig a hole
  • Do some shopping
  • German homework
  • Watch Australia vs. England from last weekend
  • To the pub to see France vs. England semi final with a few pints and random rugby supporters


  • Sleep in (11.30am-ish)
  • Cooked breakfast (black pudding, toast, bacon, lots of ketchup)
  • General moping about (have to roast a chicken)
  • Watch South Africa vs. Fiji game from last weekend
  • Tidy up the place
  • Have the roasted chicken with the Golden shrimp
  • Watch South Africa vs. Argentina game
  • Go to bed a contented man.

I can’t wait! Anything I should include for the perfect manly weekend? I have left out the scratching and belching that should be taken for granted!