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Exciting times…

I’m not dead. I’ve been busy trying to wrap things up before the Christmas break and our holiday! Oh boy, I can not wait.In eight days we’re getting on a plane for 24 hours and won’t have to think about work for a month!

We’re off to Tasmania for three weeks and Melbourne for a week! It’s the first real holiday we’ve had this year, there’s been holiday scrimping going on all year and even a bit of next year to blow it all in this trip!

A friend from university who I also studied with during my doctorate is getting hitched to a Tasmanian down in Tas. We fly into Melbourne on the 26th, stay until the 31st and fly to Tas for New Years. Then the stag do is on the 2nd, the wedding on the 5th and then we have two weeks of travelling about to see the place. Back for a few days in Melbourne then home again on the 24th.What a Christmas present! But we’ve been a little relaxed as far as preparations go so we’ve got it all to do with eight days left.

The project in work has to be put to bed, Christmas has to be celebrated properly (we got our tree on Saturday), plenty of social events between now and then, the presents have to be wrapped and so on. Busy busy, but then we don’t have to think about anything for four weeks!

Apart from that, everything is quiet over here in the land of cheese and chocolate. Nothing to report, I’m back but for a limited time only!

Santa’s timetable.

I thought I was stressed and up against it coming into the festive season. But everything has been put into perspective thanks to a report from Sweden on Santa’s timetable for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Santa Claus is coming to town – for 34 microseconds.

It would seem that everyone’s favourite jolly old white bearded visitor has got the blink of an eye to land, get the right presents, drop down the chimney, deliver the presents, eat the cookies and drink the whiskey, get back up the chimney and move onto the next house. Not an impossible task but it’s no wonder he needs a year to recover!

Reindeer need to fly at 5,800 Km/hr to achieve the feat, the sleigh will experience some serious G force and air resistance en route but I’m sure Santa has thought of it. Otherwise he’ll be toast within 4.26 thousandths of a second. Bummer.