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The heat is on…

“The heat”, being work, not the weather. It’s miserable here, but then it’s winter, what was I expecting? I’m just hoping that the horizontal rain and wind here equates to nice fluffy snow on the mountains. I’m looking forward to the ski season this year.

We spent a very nice long weekend in Amsterdam celebrating Sinterklaas. In my opinion this is a much better alternative to the over-commercialised Christmas we celebrate. You hand make presents and write poems for people and then sing a few songs and have a big meal. Great fun, plenty of pressure trying to out-do each other in the hand made presents and writing the poems, capped off with lots of sweets, Christmas beer and food.

But over the weekend I heard a very interesting statistic. It seems that the ski season, or the cold weather at least is linked to the activity of the sun. The more sunspots, the warmer the winter and the less snow you get. The sun has a cycle of eleven years between minimum sun spot activity and 2007 is one of those minimums! So, this winter will be cold with lots of snow for me to plant my face into at high speed.

Lovely jublee.