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Bar Rouge,
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picture-1.pngSecond review now and I feel like we’re getting into the reviewing groove. I’m now taking note of things I’d never have paid any attention to before. It’s important to be thorough! This time we’re casting a critical eye over Bar Rouge on top of the Messe Turm (tower). We were there last Friday for an after work drink.

The tower is 33 floors high I think (the tallest building in Switzerland) and Bar Rouge is on the 31st. The building, including a hotel is part of a large conference centre complex over in Klein-Basel. It dominates the skyline all round Basel so it’s easy to find! On with the review:

Date and time: 20/07/07 around 6.30 – 7.30pm

Location and ease of access: You can’t miss it, it’s the big glass tower! The area is amajor junction for trams and buses. Only slight complaint is there is only one lift up and down to the 31st floor. Might have to wait! 9/10

Beer selection and prices: Poor beer selection which is a shame. Very extensive cocktail menu but this is not considered in the review. Prices are a little high but we were there during happy “hour” so got discounts. 4/10

Atmosphere: Relatively busy. A lot of suits and English speaking. I get the feeling the locals stay well away and it was the business/beautiful people all round. We fitted right in! 5/10

Service: Had a bit of a wait at the bar but they do have table service if you’re willing to wait. Waitresses spoke English. 6/10

Smokiness: Good, very little haze about, didn’t notice anything really. 8/10

Snacks: Nothing in the menu or at the bar so we figured they didn’t do any. They have a proper food menu. On our way out however we spied people with bowls of crisps. Must have to ask. 3/10 (because we didn’t get any!)

Furnishings: Very red, hence the name and lounge-y. Some standing tables by the windows and stools at the bar. In general, comfortable. 4/10

Music: Slightly loud for my old ears. 4/10

“The John”: Brilliant! The cubicles face out over the city. So when you sit down you’re maybe a foot from the glass, 31 floors up. Its the first time I’ve been dizzy getting off a toilet! 10/10

Rated 3/5 on Jul 26 2007 by The Swiss Job

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One response to “Review of Bar Rouge

  1. I go there just to use the toilets! I’d even give it 11/10!

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