Review of The Cargo Bar

The Cargo Bar,
St. Johanns Rheinweg,


200708_caego4.jpgNow we’re cooking on diesel as they say. Third review and I haven’t had a hangover yet. Maybe we’re not “reviewing” hard enough. We’ll step it up for the next bar. Last week we had a look and a drink at the Cargo Bar down on the banks of the Rhein.

This place is quite close to where I work and I’ve been a few times, this was Matthews first. It’s a small but energetic place with chairs and tables out by the river. Here’s the science bit:

Date and time: 25/07/07 around 6.45 – 8.30pm

Location and ease of access: Tucked away on the river bank which is great. But it’s on the shaded side so it can be a bit chilly. It is also almost directly beneath the Jonhanniterbrucke which isn’t ideal. 7/10

Beer selection and prices: Three beers on tap, Feldschlossen, Schneider Weiss and Eptinger. Four or five more bottled varieties. Plenty of cocktails but they don’t interest us! 7/10

Atmosphere: This is a local hangout with a bohemian feel to the place. It was busy but there is plenty of space out by the river. 7/10

Service: Generally one or two behind the bar who “do exactly what it says on the tin”. Neither good or bad really. 5/10

Smokiness: Outside is fine but inside can get very foggy. Not for the delicate lungs out there. 4/10

Snacks: Again we missed out. They have a good snack menu beside the bar. You can get olives and other nibbles but they’re a bit pricey. As usual, just as we were leaving we noticed that when people ordered their drinks they asked for some nuts and were given a shot glass full of peanuts free. Next time! 7/10

Furnishings: Basic stools and chairs, the bar looks like an old cargo container. Simple decor that’s a little rough round the edges. 5/10

Music: Outside we were fine but it can get a little rowdier inside. They also give time to a lot of the local Djs. 4/10

“The John”: One word…unisex. The men’s is also the womens. And then the women have another toilet to themselves. So you shouldn’t be bashful or swing it around! It could also be a bit cleaner. 4/10

Rated 4/5 on Aug 06 2007 by The Swiss Job

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