Where is Justin now?

Van Morrison may be a grumpy, morose, eclectic, eccentric old geezer but the man can write a song. I was surprised during the week by a package from home. It wasn’t my birthday or any other significant time of the year but its always great to get something in the post.

My brother sent me a copy of Van the man’s album Enlightenment. It’s a lesser known of his albums I think as I’ve found it difficult/impossible to find in a record shop. Also the iTunes store doesn’t stock it but has about thirty of his various others albums and compilations. It is however on Amazon but I never really got round to buying it.

The album has a lot of sentimental attachments. My Mum had it when we were younger and it, along with Dire Straits, Kenny Rogers and Andy Williams always seemed to be on in the car. I know the words to all the songs without even realising it. But the brother found a copy on Ebay and sent it over. His brownie points have gone up. I might buy him a pint (or mojito as the young people seem to be drinking these days – they’re about twice as expensive for the half the liquid and a few leaves. I don’t understand it and I’m digressing…) the next time I see him.

The album has a few great tracks on it, my favourite of which is “In the days before rock’n’roll”. This is a poem written by Van and an Irish poet called Paul Durcan, who reads it on the track. Van fills in with the chorus and the song details the early radio stations and listening to the wireless. But the song also goes on about someone called Justin. I didn’t know what this was about and it seems nobody actually does!

I’ve now got it on the ‘Pod and it’s been getting a good bit of listening. If you see the album in the local record shop pick it up and have a good listen to it. It’ll be worth your while, honest!


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