Review of Paddy Reillys

Paddy Reillys,

This was probably the toughest review so far as it was unplanned and a last minute choice. We went to Paddy Reilly’s after German classes for three Guinness. After an hour and a half of Intensiv Deutsch we couldn’t come up with a better alternative!

An Irishman reviewing an Irish pub in Switzerland is obviously fraught with peril as it’ll never live up to the real thing. However, as a haven of Irishness in the German speaking world it has it’s advantages and so I’ll try and judge it fairly against other pubs I have and will review. Here goes:

Date and time: 29/08/07 around 9.20 – 11.20pm

Location and ease of access: On the corner of Heuwagge a major tram stop and close to the main “entertainment strip” in Basel. Speaking of stripping, it’s just down the street from the red light district if you want to orientate yourself that way! 7/10

Beer selection and prices: All the usual suspects on tap, Guinness, Carlsberg and so forth. They also have a good selection of bottled beers. But nothing too exciting, very few Swiss, German or “foreign” beers to try and so a bit disappointing. But it is an Irish pub after all! Prices are definitely on the high side (CHF8.80 for a Guinness = €5.30). 4/10

Atmosphere: As a pub it’s pretty well laid out and always busy. Big screens show sport 24/7 and we were there during Celtics recent Champions League qualifier so the place was buzzing. Plenty of shouting, for example, “my f@*king granny could run faster than that you w@*^ker”, etc. 6/10

Service: They only speak English and at a push will try German, which is refreshing in some ways! But it’s general service at the bar, just roar across the order, wait for the Guinness to settle and pay. Job’s a good ‘un! Could be a little friendlier/more interested however. 5/10

Smokiness: Surprisingly no problem the night we were there. I’ve been in there and you need infra red googles to see where you’re going the fog is that bad. Not so last Wednesday so good marks on this occasion. 8/10

Snacks: They sell Walkers (still a bit peeved they don’t ship in some Taytos!) crisps behind the bar. Also the usual assortment of nuts and stuff. They have a good pub menu where you can get good burgers, curry’s and fish. Bit pricey though for what it is. 6/10

Furnishings: Ye olde Irish style, lots of old Guinness and Paddy’s Whiskey advertisements on the wall. A little too kitsch for me. 3/10

Music: Supposedly they used to have a lot of trad Irish music but now it’s DJ’s and discos. But on the night due to the football and the muppet shouting behind us (“go on the f*^king hoops”!), there was enough noise as it was! 4/10

“The John”: Two floors down it’s pretty decent. Split into two rooms, there’s plenty of space to fit in and not play urinal politics with the bloke next to you. Clean and well maintained. 7/10

Rated 3/5 on Sep 03 2007 by The Swiss Job
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