Review of All Bar One

All Bar One

It’s been too long since the last review which means we haven’t been working/drinking hard enough. My “partner in crime” has been on holidays (I question his dedication for the cause sometimes) so the weekly beer has been shelved for the last fortnight. In between a holiday to Tuscany and a trip to Phoenix he did make a guest appearance last night and we headed to All Bar One (the same chain of pubs as in the UK) for a swift half. Onwards…

Date and time: 18/09/07 around 9.20 – 11.20pm

Location and ease of access: On the main cinema/entertainment street in Basel right between Heuwagge and Barfusserplatz. Ideal location for trams and buses and whatever else you’re having. 8/10

Beer selection and prices: Five beers on tap including Sam Adams, the American beer. So a good, eclectic selection available and reasonably priced. Didn’t look too closely at the bottled beers as I was happy to work my way through two draught Weiss Beers. 6/10

Atmosphere: Last night it was busy with a good level of chatter in the background and a nice and easy ambiance. When the weather is compliant you can sit at tables on the street and watch the nightlife go by. 7/10

Service: Good, willing to speak English and prompt in service. They also wear aprons for that classy look! 6/10

Smokiness: Not a sniff of smoke anywhere last night which was great. 9/10

Snacks: Not sure, last night was a purely liquid affair. There were little menus on the table listing olives and bread and things. They also had a full menu on the wall. 4/10

Furnishings: Clean, wooden tables and chairs, modern and well laid out. Pastel colours on the walls, everything is relaxing yet functional. I like it. 7/10

Music: None. Top marks! 10/10

“The John”: In the basement, the bog is small but does everything you’d want of it. After seeing the Dyson Airblade in Cork, every other hand dryer is a let down now! 7/10
Rated 4/5 on Sep 18 2007 by The Swiss Job
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